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"Aut bibat aut abeat"

The winery is situated near the village of Cérons, which owes its name to the nearby river Ciron, a
tributary of the Garonne – Sirio in Latin, Siron in Gascon.

The locality « Sirio » is mentioned in an 11th century manuscript of the Itinerarium Antonini - a sort
of medieval travel guide - close to a ford of the river Ciron.

This was one of the numerous routes used by pilgrims bound for Santiago de Compostela.


"Aut bibat aut abeat" - This Latin saying appears on the label of Château Sirio.

Suggested translation: " Drink or leave! ". The Romans were wary of the one who did not drink during a feast, affraid it could be a spy ready to note guests' indiscretions once tongues were a little loosened by the wine!

The coat of arms is that of the Kirwan family (Ó Ciardhubháin in Gaelic), one of the fourteen merchant families which dominated the social and political life in the Irish city of Galway in the 13th century, and of whom Emer is a descendant.

Acte de vente "Maison Noble de Couteleyre", 19/10/1759

After a search in local archives, we came across this deed of sale dated 19 October 1759 and concerning the " Maison Noble de Couteleyre", the former name of the Château Sirio estate.


The deed of sale gives a description of the main building and also mentions the "vat cellar", which confirms wine-making activity on the property. So wine has been produced on the estate for a leat 270 years!

This is why we chose to call our second wine "Château de Couteleyre".

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