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The Graves terroir consists of stones, gravel of different sizes and sand. 

They cover a subsoil generally composed of limestone and, sometimes, clay.

The gravel plays a role of thermal regulation by giving back at night to the ripening grapes the heat absorbed during the day.

Wine has been produced in this region since Roman times, making it the most ancient wine-growing area of Bordeaux.

"The origin of Bordeaux wines"

The Graves Appellation d'Origine Protégée area stretches along the left bank of the Garonne river between Bordeaux and Langon, bordered on the western side by the Landes pine forest which protects it from ocean winds.

Cartes des Graves.PNG

Did you know? 

Graves are the only wines in France which bear the name of their soil - Las Gravas de Bordeus in Gascon!

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